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BIRTHDAY WINNER RECEIVES: A Birthday Cake from FireLake Discount Foods Bakery, a Burger Basket Meal from the Boomarang Diner and your very own Wolfie!  


OVER THE HILL WINNER RECEIVES: The KGFF Cermamic Coffee Mug, a Burger Basket Meal from the Boomarang Diner  Coffee from FireLake Corner Store.  


                  Call in your Birthdays to 405-273-1450 or *1450 for our at&t wireless customers 

Know It All Trivia

KNOW IT ALL WINNER RECEIVES: Food from Billy Boy BBQ  or Boomarang Diners and Coffee from FireLake Corner Store.

Working Person of the Day

Nominate someone who works in the Shawnee/Tecumseh area for the KGFF Working Person of the Day!

WPOTD RECEIVES: A plant from House of Flowers, 6" sub from Subway and KGFF Promotional Product.

Include Name, Business Name and Address

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